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Swim Training Bone Conduction MP3 Wireless Headset IPX8 Waterproof

by John Mortensen December 23, 2018

Swim Training Bone Conduction MP3 Wireless Headset IPX8 Waterproof

Swim Training Bone Conduction MP3 Wireless Headset IPX8 Waterproof

As you know and we talk about all of the time we are constantly looking for new and helpful products at We found Bone Conduction Headphones through that research which we use all the time and recommend to everyone. Also as you know in past Blog Articles from us about the IPX Waterproof System IP & IPX RATINGS FOR DUST AND WATERPROOF CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES. It explains what you need for Waterproof Headphones.

Bone Conduction Lap Swimmer

This article is more continuing information about Swim Training Headphones from We will discuss the benefits of the following seven IPX Ratings, IPX Waterproof for Swim Training and Pool/Water activities in this article and start with the bulleted list  and a story below. 

  • IPX-3 Protects against spraying water - Water spraying up to 60 degrees from a vertical position at 21 gal/min at approximately 11 PSI for 5 min.
  • IPX-4 Protects against splashing water - Similar as IPX-3 as water is sprayed at all angles. Sweat-Proof refers to IP’s second digit 4 up to 6, ranging from splashing water to water jets.
  • IPX-5 Protects against water jets - Water projected at all angles through a .24 inch nozzle at a flow rate of 26 gal/per min at a pressure of approximately 4.3 PSI for 3 minutes from a distance of over 9.5 feet.
  • IPX-6 Protects against heavy seas - Water projected at all angles through a .49 inch nozzle at a flow rate of over 211 gals/per min at a pressure of 14.5 PSI for 3 minutes from a distance of over 9.5 feet. Definitely Sweat-Proof!!
  • IPX-7 Protects against water submersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter or 3.2 Feet.
  • IPX-8 Protects against water submersion for generally up to 3 feet or more in depth - This equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water under conditions which are identified by the manufacturer.
  • IPX-9 Protects against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs and water jets. Smaller specimens rotate slowly on a turntable, from 4 angles. Larger specimens are mounted upright, no turntable required, and are tested freehand with a water temperature 80 °C for at least 3 minutes at 1450 PSI at a distance of approximately .49 feet..

IPX Code Chart

Friend, swimmer, and Paleo convert Jeanne.

After I told my friend, swimmer, and Paleo convert Jeanne about a great set of the Swim Training Bone Conduction MP3 Player Wireless Headsets that we sell and that they are IPX8 Waterproof. She bought a pair for herself off of our website. Jeanne does her swimming and exercise three days a week at the local High School pool so I asked her to tell us what she thought and below is her story.

Jeanne's Bone Conduction MP3 Player Wireless Headset story.

I purchased the Bone Conduction headphones from and they are waterproof. There is several things that I would like to say about them and that they impress me very much.  

 Women in Swim Cap and  Swim Goggles

I took them with me for the first time when I went to my Aqua Aerobics swimming class and I could hear the instructor giving instructions as well as listening to music and I enjoy that very much. Everyone in the pool wanted to know what I was wearing and they were very curious and interested. A lot of them wear hearing aids and they were asking questions in relationship to that. A lot of the lap swimmers also wanted to know what I was wearing.

I enjoy the conversation with my fellow Swimmers as it is nice to be able to listen to my favorite music as well as conversations. Another thing that is really neat is that while swimming laps I am able to wear the headphones and I am able to listen to the music. It is really clear especially underwater and it is really nice sound effects. Overall I am also impressed with bone conduction headphones for not having anything inside my ears that would feel like I was plugged up.

In the last 20 minutes of my exercise routine I switch from my Aqua Aerobics swimming class and go down to the deep end of the pool and I do more underwater exercising on my own. The lap swimmers go from the shallow to the deep end and as I work out I am lifting myself up and out of the pool with my arms then going back under water and they are always curious because I am wearing them under the water.

They work really well down there because it’s a lot strenuous type of exercise of lifting up out of the water and then dropping back down under the water. I just want to say it’s just a different kind of experience now. Whether I am in the shower or the pool you know they all want to know what I am wearing and all about them.

Bone Conduction Ear Diagram

IPX8 Bone Conduction Rated Headphones

For the most part most IPX rated Headphones and Earbuds in general come in the range of IPX4 through IPX7 if that is what you are looking for. IPX7 is ok for light swimming and exercise. IPX-7 says it protects against water submersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter or 3.2 Feet. Again that is ok but not hardcore day in and day out every day. You are pushing the limit of these Headphones or Earbuds.

Once you get to IPX8 the headphone market gets very thin indeed. If you want Swim Training Headphones rated at IPX8 the variety gets small and if you don’t want anything in your ears except ear plugs or you have hearing damage and you want Bone Conduction the product variety gets smaller and you start getting into Bone Conduction MP3 Player Wireless Headphones. IPX9 is a very limited availability of any type of Headphones or Earbuds if you can find them at all.

Swimming, Surfing, Cycling, Running, Driving, Elliptical

For those of you who Train and not just work out.

Swim Train Bone Conduction MP3 Player Wireless Headset that is IPX8 Waterproof are $49.95 for 4GB and $59.95 for 8GB with Free Delivery in approximately 7 days.

Swim Train Bone Conduction MP3 Player Wireless Headset IPX8 Waterproof

You know if you are doing Swim laps every day that you want something extra sometimes to motivate you or just make it easy. Are you a swimmer or a Triathlete? How would you like to read your homework, a book, a report, or just listen to music while you are training?  Multitasking in this busy world is helpful.

If you download an audiobook that is about 5 hours long. That means 8GB will accommodate about 24 books of that length, give or take a few depending on file type. With the 8GB Headphone set you can hold roughly 1500 to 2000 songs.

Swim Train Bone Conduction MP3 Player Wireless Headset Information

  • These Wireless Bone Conduction MP3 Swimming Headphones are a light and small pair of Mini Open Ear Training Headphones.
  • They are IPX8 Waterproof and perfect for Lap Swimming and Training. They come in Black and 4GB or 8GB and are flexible and fun and good for when you are walking, Swimming, playing sports or traveling outside.
  • These headphones are not for Scuba Diving but they are for top water snorkeling so you can hear those Sharks coming!!
  • The Headphones use bone conduction technology to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea, to protect your audio senses and less harm to your eardrum!
  • Wireless and waterproof, they free up your ears to ensure safety, and help you be aware of your ambience and surroundings while enjoying music or a book. Perfect for runners, cyclists, and hikers in the woods.
  • Headphones built in 4GB or 8GB memory, allows you to enjoy the music without carrying your mobile device. Very light and free.
  • Fashionable and light neckband design provides you a very comfortable feeling. They hug your cheek bones and are adjustable.

Controls Diagram for Swim Train Bone Conduction MP3 Player Wireless Headset IPX8 Waterproof
Internal Memory: 4GB or 8GB
Weight: 125g
Color: Black
Waterproof Rating: IPX8
Battery Life: 8-10 hours
Maximum Underwater Depth: 3 Meters or about 9 Feet
Media Files Supported: WMA Windows Media Audio, MP3
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20 KHz
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): >85db
Connection: USB 2.0 Interface
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Power: Built-in Lithium Battery
Earphone Output: (L) 9Mw+(R) 9mW (320hm)
Support System: Win 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Win7

Package Includes:
1 x Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphone MP3 Player
1 x Earplugs
1 x USB Cable
1 x User’s Manual

So do you also want to convert your Music and Audio Book Files to MP3?
We have found that you can convert your music with iTunes to MP3 easily in the iTunes program.

How to Convert ITunes Music in to Mp3 in iTunes
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This converts the iTunes songs to MP3 files for use on other kinds of MP3 players. The new MP3 file appears next to the iTunes Advanced Audio Coding version in iTunes.

If you want to read while you’re Swim Training?

When it comes to converting audio books it is a different story. We want something that does both music and audio book conversion all in one place and easy. How do you do that?

We recommend you use one of the programs below from SoundTaxi Staring at $19.99. It is safe convenient and fast.

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Sound Taxi unprotects and converts music and movie files from: 
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This is a good resource for utilizing.

  • Best bone conduction headphones for swimming

  • Bone conduction swimming headphones

  • Bone conduction mp3 player for swimming

Thank you for your time and reading this. If you have any questions or comments please contact John Mortensen at

Mahesh Pathak - {{IPX Codes Explanation Chart}}, CC BY-SA 4.0,

John Mortensen
John Mortensen


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