About Us

About us.

We are an American Alaska based company who want to share our experience strength and hope with you wherever you are in the world. We have been through life’s adversity and God willing continue to come out the other side. Spirituality is the cornerstone of our existence in recovery and health. We want to be a positive contributor to this planet, environment, and do good. If that interests you keep reading and please read our blog articles.

We are always looking for the best products to use and share with you. We live in Alaska so we like products that are tough, that are some level of waterproof for rain, snow, or just plain sweat. We hike, fish, hunt, live subsistence, explore, breathe, work out winter, summer, and all year around and love outdoor activities.

Our goal is to share with you what we see, hear, and do here. From the latest in Bluetooth and Wireless Technology Safe Headphones and QI Wireless Chargers to tough durable phone cases and to everything in between. Organic, natural, durable, environmentally safe, recyclable, field tested and fun is what we strive for. We want a symbiotic relationship with planet earth.

We are working to get better every day. If you have any questions or comments please email us at info@cellularsmartshop.com. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless you!!