Light Thin Wireless Air Conduction Microphone Headphones

These are Titanium Alloy lightweight thin Wireless Bluetooth Air Conduction Headphones. They attach to the back edge of your ear and rest on the area behind your ears. They have a microphone so you can talk on your Smartphone while doing your activities,

They come in Red, Black, and Gray and are ideal for working out and listening to your Music or Audio Book. They leave your ears open so you can run or jog and still hear the outside world for your safety,

Color: Gray, black, red
Speaker type: Air sound conduction technology speaker
Material: Titanium alloy and environmentally friendly silicone
Charging method: USB 2.0
Input voltage: 5 v
Product interface: Mirco USB
Power supply: 100mAh
Working hours: Listening to songs or Audio Book 6h, talking 6h
Standby time: about 200h
Charging time: about 1.5h
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
Headphone size: 15*11*2cm